Carmen R.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I searched and found a very large list of foods that I should not eat. When I made those changes I managed to reach a normal thyroid state but I did not feel calm. I had mood swings. Then when I was searching again, I found Myriam. That’s where my journey began.

I never thought a person could make you feel calm and help you step by step and not let go. It’s been unique to meet this team of people and learn from them.

More than anything, I learned to say no and feel like a woman. When you have children, I think you dedicate yourself to them. That’s not bad but you forget yourself. Now I understand that the physical and emotional parts go hand and hand. Today I am more alive than ever. Thanks

Liliana M.

I am 52 years old and although I consider myself a person in good health, perhaps premenopause added to other changes that made me feel a rapid general deterioration in my body. I was getting fat, felt very persistent body aches especially in my knees and eyes, and no matter how much I avoided foods my doctors told me about to take care of my irritable bowel, my swelling after eating was very frequent.

I came to Myriam first for her Smoothies course, and I decided to do the basic course of Nourishing Your Feminine Essence.

With virtually no effort I lost weight and slimmed down my waist. I realized I was creating stress in my life, and now I am choosing for a much fuller and healthier use of time. With the momentum I got from this course, I incorporated daily yoga and meditation, and joint and eye exercises, which are helping me reduce my aches and dryness. The quality of my sleep has improved, and I have more energy all day. I’m better able to cope with my problems and obligations, and I laugh more often.

Elizabeth C.

My greatest benefit I gained from working with you has been that you taught me to listen to my body, to give myself permission to feel my emotions freely. I used to repress and hide them and never let anyone see me cry. This was not good for me, and I lived a life of fear, stress, anguish, and bad moods. Consequently I felt empty, as they say, existential emptiness, and my way out was to eat.

I feel very happy that we met and that I made the decision to take your Nourish Your Feminine Essence program and try the smoothies and infusions. I feel listened to, accompanied in this process of reconnecting my mind and heart with myself. I have to be patient to be in my center, in emotional balance, and let everything flow in the best possible way. Before I was stressed by wanting to follow a diet, and when I didn’t see magical results, and threw in the towel. I know that everything is a domino effect: by drinking enough water, eating healthy, exercising, and having positive thoughts, I connect with my inner being. I relax, I take things calmly, and I do the things that I already know I must do to have a change without excuses. It works if you can get out of that comfort zone, which isn’t comfortable at all because it leaves you feeling bad both physically and emotionally. The inflammation in my abdomen has decreased, my headaches, menopausal ailments, joint pain have decreased, and I am already more aware of what I eat. Today I think about what I eat and whether it will benefit me or not.

Anna V.

Reconnecting is what I did in the months I worked with Myriam. When I heard it I said, “This course is for me” and it has the answers I need. Now I continue to see myself as someone valuable and beautiful.


I have found that lost woman inside who had dreams. Every day I grow more and live with a purpose.

Yesenia, Perú

Myriam is a wonderful being with a giant heart. She taught me to take care of my body with nutrition, to balance my emotions, and to find myself. Infinite gratitude to the universe for finding you.


Infinite thanks to Myriam Llano! Without her I could not see what I really am because I was living with fears. Now because of her I began to open doors and let go. Besides stopping worrying about whether I eat a lot of calories, I no longer remove the good fats for fear of gaining weight.

I believed that a diet based on vegetables and protein was essential, but with it I learned to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I’ve learned to nurture myself in a healthy way, to stop worrying about my physique and to focus on what really matters–your essence, your inner self. If you are healthy inside, you reflect it on the outside.

It definitely is not just a nutrition course. I love you very much and the sisters of the community of Divine Renewal. I learned a lot from all of you.

You have my complete admiration because I know we have all gone through different changes and events in our lives, but if we are here it is because we all seek to reconnect with ourselves and to be happy.


The main reason why I chose to work with Myriam LLano was her holistic proposal on nutrition, which integrates technical knowledge and tools to nourish myself in body, mind and soul and invites me to reflect, self-observe and know myself, from the Initial idea that my relationship with food is closely related to my emotions and feelings.

Another compelling reason was her charisma, passion and leadership skills, combined with her extensive training.

I am very happy with the results: My energy is more balanced, my digestion and joint pain have improved a lot. Inflammation, anxiety and headaches have decreased. I definitely feel healthier, happier and more empowered.

Anna, España

I have always believed that I needed a trigger, some story, some moment that would make me wake up. That’s why I have read books, listened to speakers, visited professionals, performed spells.

Three magic phrases appeared: Why? What? How? Her magic, her aura, her everything, what she radiates. In the accompaniment, Myriam reveals her most vulnerable part, but it is right here where she transmits her humanity and where I could perceive that what she explains and transmits is totally real.


Myriam is an angel of God. She is a tireless worker who fights for the integral well-being of the Human Being. She persistently seeks to present us with valuable knowledge and delivers it in a transparent way that allows us to decide to change our lifestyle, diet, emotions, and body.

She is always with you; she takes you by the hand and guides you in this process. She likes that you believe in your abilities, that you rehearse and show your results, that you commit to yourself and enjoy what you do. With Myriam’s help you can achieve the change of Nourishing your Feminine Essence.

You’re the best.

Carmen R.

When I started the course with Myriam, I never imagined being able to work on so many things and I love everything I experienced.

She is an angel in my life and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with her. I know that just as she came into my life, she will reach the lives of millions of women who need help to release their fears and make a beautiful change in their life to nourish not only their body, but also their essence as women.

Vanessa, España

The biggest difference that Nurturing your Feminine Essence makes is helping women realize they deserve respect and love.

The understanding, compassion and understanding you get from your teammates and from Myriam and her team–the pure love of a woman–makes you feel protected from the very first moment you arrive. From that point on, everything can be wonderful.

It is not a course on how to eat to lose weight but rather a program that helps you as a woman to look at yourself, love yourself, and heal yourself in physical, emotional and spiritual ways that allow you to change your life forever.

Adriana, México

By taking the Nourishing Your Feminine Essence Course, I have connected with my essence and improved my diet 100%.

My hair, weight and skin have changed considerably, and I learned the importance of eating well by following all the tips and recipes that Myriam provides in the course.

Nurturing your Feminine Essence taught me to love myself more every day as a unique, beautiful, and incomparable woman.

Thank you Myriam, you are my angel.

~ Thank You! ~