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   Myriam Llano

Myriam Llano is an advocate for women’s health, especially women 40 and older who are entering into, living through, and enjoying the aftermath of hormonal changes of the menopausal years. She is a functional nutritionist and coach who gives women the tools they need to embrace the changes inherent in those transitional times and how to use food, herbs, and other natural gifts to live a full, creative, and vital life.

Myriam is the creator of Divine Renewal™ as well as Divine Renewal™ Espanol. Her program bridges the gaps that exist among the myths and misconceptions about perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause and nutrition. She helps women realize they have a true ally in food when it comes to understanding and living with hormonal changes and the impact they can have on physical, emotional, and mental health.

Myriam also hosts Divine Renewal™ Radio, where she initiates and continues conversations about how food is not only healing but a means to walk the path of menopause with ease, grace, and wisdom.


Her more than 20 years of experience has had her playing many roles:

  • Face-to-face coach/consultant to help individuals develop a personalized eating and nutritional program.
  • Virtual coach/consultant, working with women around the world via video chat and email.
  • Conference/compendium speaker at various conferences in North and South America covering nutrition and wellness for women.
  • Conference coordinator in both North and South America, including the most recent El Congreso Mujer Vital, attended by more than 15,000 participants around the world.
  • Media producer, preparing videos, ebooks, blogs, surveys, lectures, and other nutritional education materials.
  • Menu planner, which helps women establish a healthy way of eating, especially those with hormone imbalances.
  • Supplement guide, assisting women in choosing the most appropriate supplements for their unique needs.

After many years of being on a personal quest to heal her relationship with food, Myriam has taken all her experiences, research, and teaching background and brought it to help the women with whom she shares an experience: a woman over 40 who is in the midst of a period of natural change and who is ready to grow, heal, and learn alongside a worldwide community of women.


“Every woman over 40 has the ability and the right to experience a healthy body, mind, and spirit as she walks the path of hormonal changes and embraces the challenges of menopause.”

–Myriam Llano

Workshops, Retreats, Interviews, and Speaking Engagements

Workshop and retreat themes

Food and Hormone Balancing

Hormone Changes and Symptoms: The relationship between hormone changes and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Food and Hormones: How to use food to balance hormones and get relief from menopausal symptoms.

Herbs and Menopause: Learn which herbs to use every day to help support a healthy menopause.

Repairing Your Gut: How to use food to repair your gut and achieve hormonal balance at the same time.

Seed Cycling: The basics of seed cycling and how you can use four simple yet powerful seeds to bring hormonal balance back.

Balancing Blood Sugar: The importance of balanced blood sugar in managing menopausal symptoms, including but not limited to weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and hot flashes.


Navigating a World with Stress and Other Hormone Disruptors

Hormone Disruptors: How to identify and avoid hormone disruptors in everyday life.

Armed Against Hormone Disruptors: Learn about safe, healthy substitutes for the hormone disruptors in your home, work, and other environments.

Stress Be Gone: Stress is one of the most common and damaging hormone disruptors. Learn healthy ways to destress your life.

Healing, Healthy Sleep: Learn about the power of restful sleep and how to make it a part of your everyday life.


“Women need to know they have a true ally in food and that conscious nutrition is the gateway to a healthy, fulfilling, and vibrant menopause and beyond.”

–Myriam Llano

Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Sample topics Myriam speaks about:

What Every Woman 40 and Older Should Eat: You’re not a teenager any more! Learn which foods every woman 40 and older needs to live her best life in menopause.

Your Gallbladder and Menopause: What your doctor never told you about the impact of gallbladder health on menopause.

All About Bones: How to support and maintain bone health during the menopause years, including how to prevent osteoporosis.

The Heart of the Matter: What you need to know to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system in menopause.

Estrogen Dominance: How estrogen dominance happens, what it does to your body, and what you can do about it today.

Brain Health and Menopause: Understanding the changes in memory, concentration, awareness, and learning that occurs in menopause and how to boost brain health with food.

What’s Going On Down There? From vaginal dryness to flagging libido and feeling sexy, let’s talk about sexual health in menopause.

Where Did the Weight Come From? Yes, it seems like those extra pounds appeared overnight. Here’s why they are there and what you can do about them.

Introduction for Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Although hormone changes after 40 are a natural part of a woman’s journey, too few understand or appreciate the process. Because society largely stigmatizes menstruation and menopause, women are often denied clear, loving, and educational tools to help them navigate these years of their lives, and too few get the support they need to make that journey.

Myriam’s engaging and informative sessions provide practical and sustainable guidelines and solutions for women to live their best lives in menopause and beyond. She provides women with clear explanations of how every meal, every snack, every beverage they consume, as well as other natural healing factors, can support and promote hormone balance and better physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Sample Interview Questions for Myriam

What are the most pressing concerns of women about perimenopause and menopause?

Why do you believe food is such a critical part of how women can survive and thrive in menopause?

What basic dietary changes do women need to make to live a better life in menopause?

How realistic is it for women to lose weight in menopause?

Why do you believe so many women are misinformed about perimenopause and menopause?


Carmen R.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I searched and found a very large list of foods that I should not eat. When I made those changes I managed to reach a normal thyroid state but I did not feel calm. I had mood swings. Then when I was searching again, I found Myriam. That’s where my journey began.

I never thought a person could make you feel calm and help you step by step and not let go. It’s been unique to meet this team of people and learn from them.

More than anything, I learned to say no and feel like a woman. When you have children, I think you dedicate yourself to them. That’s not bad but you forget yourself. Now I understand that the physical and emotional parts go hand and hand. Today I am more alive than ever. Thanks

Liliana M.

I am 52 years old and although I consider myself a person in good health, perhaps premenopause added to other changes that made me feel a rapid general deterioration in my body. I was getting fat, felt very persistent body aches especially in my knees and eyes, and no matter how much I avoided foods my doctors told me about to take care of my irritable bowel, my swelling after eating was very frequent.

I came to Myriam first for her Smoothies course, and I decided to do the basic course of Nourishing Your Feminine Essence.

With virtually no effort I lost weight and slimmed down my waist. I realized I was creating stress in my life, and now I am choosing for a much fuller and healthier use of time. With the momentum I got from this course, I incorporated daily yoga and meditation, and joint and eye exercises, which are helping me reduce my aches and dryness. The quality of my sleep has improved, and I have more energy all day. I’m better able to cope with my problems and obligations, and I laugh more often.

Elizabeth C.

My greatest benefit I gained from working with you has been that you taught me to listen to my body, to give myself permission to feel my emotions freely. I used to repress and hide them and never let anyone see me cry. This was not good for me, and I lived a life of fear, stress, anguish, and bad moods. Consequently I felt empty, as they say, existential emptiness, and my way out was to eat.

I feel very happy that we met and that I made the decision to take your Nourish Your Feminine Essence program and try the smoothies and infusions. I feel listened to, accompanied in this process of reconnecting my mind and heart with myself. I have to be patient to be in my center, in emotional balance, and let everything flow in the best possible way. Before I was stressed by wanting to follow a diet, and when I didn’t see magical results, and threw in the towel. I know that everything is a domino effect: by drinking enough water, eating healthy, exercising, and having positive thoughts, I connect with my inner being. I relax, I take things calmly, and I do the things that I already know I must do to have a change without excuses. It works if you can get out of that comfort zone, which isn’t comfortable at all because it leaves you feeling bad both physically and emotionally. The inflammation in my abdomen has decreased, my headaches, menopausal ailments, joint pain have decreased, and I am already more aware of what I eat. Today I think about what I eat and whether it will benefit me or not.

Myriam Llano is a functional nutritionist and coach who specializes in helping women 40 and older embrace the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause through food and healthy lifestyle changes. She shares her vision for a happy, vibrant menopause with women around the world through her websites Divine Renewal™ and Divine Renewal Español™, as well as Divine Renewal™ Radio, podcasts, videos, one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars, cooking demonstrations, ebooks, and conferences.




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