Are you too sweet?

Are you too sweet? As women enter perimenopause and menopause, some are just too sweet. More specifically, I mean that their blood is too sweet because it contains high levels of glucose (sugar). This is known as glucose intolerance, and people who are in this situation typically have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. How doesContinue reading “Are you too sweet?”

Spring Cleaning Your Liver Step 1

Spring Cleaning Your Liver: Step 1 It’s time for spring cleaning—who wants to join me? We’re going to spring into action and get your liver in tip-top shape by helping it eliminate the toxins in your body. Detoxification is critical in menopause because it helps with hormone balance and relief from various menopausal symptoms. DetoxingContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Your Liver Step 1”

What Women Should Know about Fatty Liver Disease

What Women Should Know about Fatty Liver Disease It seems most people associate liver disease with drinking alcohol—a lot of alcohol. But did you know you can get a common liver disease even if you don’t drink alcohol or only just a little? Did you also know that this liver disease, known as nonalcoholic fattyContinue reading “What Women Should Know about Fatty Liver Disease”