Helping Women Live Their Best Life in Menopause

Myrian Llano | Functional Nutritionist



My journey to this place—this blessed, tumultuous, sometimes challenging and always changing time of life known as The Change, The Transition, aka Menopause—has been wonderful, rocky, and full of many lessons. That means, it has been much like yours yet different, as each of us is unique.

When women reach a time of hormonal changes, of physical, mental, and emotional fluctuations, we are often taken by surprise. Yes, we know something is coming, yet we are still unprepared. I want to prepare you for this next stage of your life.

I look back on the paths I traveled to reach this place: my struggles with food and body image, learning how to use food as an ally instead of feeling fear from it. With that came many years of self-discovery, endless classes and training in nutrition and natural healing, and my personal work on feminine awareness and renewal.

I started Divine Renewal, and it has been extremely fulfilling working with and counseling women in how to eat healthy, how to nurture themselves, and embrace their vibrant feminine selves.

Now my journey continues on a different path.

Now it is time for a new Divine Renewal, one that is dedicated to nurturing, mentoring, teaching, and loving women like myself who are walking the path of hormonal change, of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

We are all divine; now is the time to renew our connection with ourselves, our bodies and our minds, and to embrace this new chapter in our lives. I want to be with you every step of the way on this journey, and I want you to be with me.

We can do this together. I have studied, researched, and experimented with foods, herbs, and other natural gifts and uncovered the powers they possess to help you and me live our best lives in menopause and beyond.

Are you ready?   I am! I can’t promise the road will be smooth, but it will be exciting, full of new information, and have lots of food ideas, plenty of healing, and endless possibilities. Get ready to be the very best you can be!